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Company Culture

Corporate spirit

Love the job and respect the reality and innovation
While carefully straightening out the development process of the auto parts industry, Jingfu has made unremitting effort in gathering the excellent culture in the course of development and has developed the Jingfu spirit of the new era which focuses on “dedication to work, seeking truth and innovation”. At the same time, our unique modern, open and international corporate culture with the spiritual connotation of private enterprise and the auto parts industry enables the constant improvement of the brand image of Jingfu.
Core development strategy  

Coordinated development  
We shall strive to bring the international competitiveness of all our business areas as well as the advantages of auto parts and components. In the meantime, we shall heighten our awareness of coordinated development continuously, which is directed at giving play to the comprehensive competitive advantages of all the business areas and enabling Jingfu to be more competitive in the international market.  
Science and technology-driven 
We need to raise up Jingfu’s research and development ability, improve the system and mechanism for technological innovation, and strengthen development of our technology talent team. By raising up our technological level, we seek the long-term development of Jingfu and keep improving the contribution of scientific and technological progress on development. 
Green and low-carbon
Sticking to green development, clean development, and low-carbon development, we shall vigorously boost energy conservation and emission reduction, bring about green, environmental protection industry and new competitive advantages, until finally turn Jingfu into a green, low-carbon auto parts company. 

Corporate concept  
Quality first; user foremost; concrete effort is the foundation of a business; integrity is the secret of a prosper business; cooperation leads to sustained prosperity.
Corporate mission
Create value for customers, on the basis of which we seek survival and development.